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Medical Billing Information, Medical Billing Practices, What Is Medical Billing, medical billing and coding information.

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Medical Billing Information

This is a compilation Medical billing information that includes medical billing resources and some of the issues facing the medical billing specialist. Links to information on medical billing codes, guidelines, and medical billing terms.

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Here’s a medical billing glossary of common acronyms and terms used in medical billing.

Here I’ve attempted to briefly describe the Medical Billing process, responsibilities of a billing specialist, patient and insurance billing, and what skills are necessary.

How will the health care reform bill affect Medical Billing? A look at the impact the health care reform act on provider reimbursement. This is the health care legislation championed by President Obama in 2010 to provide improved individual health care insurance or national health care insurance for Americans.

Medical billing and coding information

It’s also important for a medical billing specialist to be familiar with the guidelines established by HIPAA to protect patient privacy and the OIG guidelines to prevent fraud.

Learn what’s involved with creating and processing insurance claims both with billing claim medical software and paper CMS-1500 forms. Check out the handy insurance claim flow chart.

Here I’ve compiled books and resources that have been useful medical billing information sources for me. This would billing and coding references as well as billing business resources.

Information on how a practice’s financial existence is dependent on a competent Medical Billing and Coding Company. Observations of a medical billing and coding service business owner. How medical billing services operate and what kind of services they provide.

A collection of medical billing career information including employment outlook, getting a job, writing a resume, and working from home.

Information on what salary to expect for Medical Billing Specialists. Also info on Medical Coding Salaries .

Medical billing fraud contributes to rising health care costs for all of us. It’s any attempt to fraudulently obtain payment from and insurance carrier. Medicare and Medicaid are especially susceptible to fraud due to their payment arrangement.

Healthcare claim processing errors keep a provider from getting paid. Here are some of the most common medical billing errors and suggested medical billing practices to prevent.

Explains what medical records are and the medical records laws and the rights of patients. Description of HIPAA medical record policy with regard to privacy, security, ownership, and access of patient health records.

Medical Billing Codes, ICD 9 Codes, CPT Codes, CPT Modifiers, ICD 10, and Medicare Billing Codes defined and explained.

Medicare Billing topics explained. An overview of Medicare insurance, eligibility, and the unique requirements of the countries largest Health Care Provider.

How does Medicaid work? Medicaid described and Medicaid income eligibility requirements discussed.

Dental Billing – How it differs from Medical Billing. The same principles apply to dental billing insurance as with medical billing.

Medicare vs Medicaid – Discusses the differences between Medicare and Medicaid

Here’s a description of the many different health insurance providers and health insurance plans available.

Medical Billing Information

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Medical billing and coding information

Medical billing and coding information


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