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Monthly Apartment Rentals in Barcelona #apartments #for #rent #in #denver

#monthly apartment rentals


Monthly Apartment Rentals in Barcelona

Is it possible to rent an apartment less than a year?

The answer is; YES. People move to Barcelona for various reasons, some people come only to stay for a couple of months and are not interested in annual contracts. Barcelona-Home offers apartments for months, rooms and shared flats with short-term contracts . If you wish to stay less than a month you also have the possibility to rent an apartment for weeks or days. Although, remember that the minimum stay is always 3 nights .

Average costs to rent an apartment in Barcelona

Depending on the size of the apartment, the location, and season, rental prices vary. A great way to lower the cost of rental is to share the price among some friends and share an apartment . This way you can rent a larger apartment if you are on a budget. Our prices begin at 600 euros and increase depending on your specific requests.

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Where to stay in Barcelona?

If you are uncertain of which area to choose for your stay, a great solution is to rent an apartment a couple of days just to get a feeling of where you would like to live. If you like the apartment and the area that you first came to, you might want to extend that rental, or you might feel that another area suits you better, if so, we will help you with the relocation.

Areas of Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the biggest cities in Spain and is divided into different areas. Often when you come to live in a new city you want to live as central as possible. Barcelona-Home offers apartments in central Barcelona where you are always close to the vibrant life of the city center. Barcelona is a historical city with a lot of cultural influences. The most historical areas are El Born and Gótic. Here you can find museums, art galleries, historical buildings, and a range of local boutiques and restaurants. Another area is Eixample which is known for its safe environment and central location. The famous shopping street Passeig de Gracia is situated in Eixample and is a must-see when coming to the city. Even, you can rent apartments for your vacation in Sitges !

Will my apartment be furnished or do I have to furnish it myself?

When you rent an apartment in any given city, many times you have to devote lots of time and energy to the expensive process of furnishing an apartment. All of our apartments are fully furnished and equipped with all the features you might need for your stay in order to give our customers the simplest, most economic option when travelling to Barcelona.

Do I have to pay the utility costs myself?

Utilities are not included in the rental price. The utilities cost is fixed, per person and per month.

Do I have to pay any agency fee to the company I am renting from?

We don t charge any extra agency or contract fees. you therefore, benefit from the best accommodation prices. We also do not charge commission for our services.

How much deposit do I have to pay?

Usually the deposit is one month worth of rent. Depending which landlord you are renting from, a higher deposit could be asked for. All the details of your stay and of your accommodation are clearly shown on each apartment s page.

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