Aug 3 2017

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Surveillance DVR Motion Detection Setup Video

The following video demonstrates how to setup CCTV Camera Pros H.264 4 channel digital video recorder for motion detection recording.

Video Transcript

Welcome to CCTV Camera Pros video instruction series. In this video we will use our four channel H.264 DVR to demonstrate how to configure motion detection recording.

  1. Start by clicking the menu button on the DVR to access the menu system. When prompt for your password, please enter the administrator password for the DVR. If you have not yet set one, just press enter.
  2. On the main menu select Record.
  3. Then select schedule setup.
  4. On the schedule setup screen, the DVR is set to continuous record by default. Click the all text to change all time zones to orange which is motion detection recording.
  5. Then click on the ESC text.
  6. Click ESC again to return to the main menu. Next, select Configuration.
  7. Then select motion setup.
  8. The motion setup screen lets you setup the motion detection areas for each of your security cameras. Click on the channel number to switch between cameras. You can also setup the motion sensitivity and duration on this screen. The size field lets you select the number of cells that will be selected at a time while you configure the motion detection area.
  9. We will initially set the size to 6 to select 6 cells at a time. For this example, we will setup the area surrounding this front door to be included ion the motion detection zone.
  10. As we click on the screen, notice that the cells are turning red in a 6×6 area around where we click. The red areas are the areas that are excluded from the motion detection zone. The clear cells are the ones that are included.
  11. Notice that when you click a cell that is red, it turns clear.When you are finished with your first camera, you can select the channel field to move on to the next camera that you want to configure.
  12. When you are done configuring all of your motion detection zones for all cameras, click on the ESC text.
  13. Select ESC again to return to the main menu, then ESC one more time to return to your live camera view.
  14. Your system is now recording based on motion detection only in the areas that you have setup.

We hope that this video demonstrates how easy it is to setup motion detection recording using CCTV Camera Pros four channel H.264 DVR. Please contact us at www.cctvcamerapros.com is you have any questions related to video surveillance.

Thank You for watching.

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