Sep 30 2017

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Welcome to Ms. Santana’s Biology Class

Dear Lake Weir High School Parents/Guardian and Students:

I am very happy to join the Lake Weir High School this years and for the privilege to teach my favorite subject, Biology!

I am a Texas and Florida State Certified Educator in Intermediate and Secondary Biology and Spanish. I started my teaching career in 1998. I am a mother of six kids (3 young adults now in college and 3 younger ones now in middle school and elementary). I served in the US. Army Reserves from 1988-1997, and a military spouse for twenty five years. Our military service has sent us to many destinations. We served overseas from 2002-2015 were I taught Science, Math, Health, and Foreign Language Exploration at Department of Defense Educational Activity-Europe school in various military bases. During the last three years of our tour I worked as a District Executive for the Transatlantic Council-Boy Scouts of America providing youth and adult volunteer support services across Germany, Switzerland, and Eastern Europe (Edelweiss District ).

I believe my life and professional experiences have provided me with a unique life perspective. I have high expectations of myself both personal and professional. I also hold my students to high expectations. There is no circumstance or subject that can’t be overcome without hard work (responsibility), grit and PERSEVERANCE. I am a firm believer that the best predictor of success is the personal drive, like it is depicted in the movie “Stand and Deliver” students need to have “ganas” (translates to wants)!
It is my hope that every student seeks to thrive and I am committed to providing them the academic knowledge for them to achieve high scores in the Florida State End of Course Assessment.

Every student needs a champion! I encourage you parents/guardians to support you students! I promise on my end to champion your students success! Students know that there are times you will not like me much, because I can be stern and demanding, and that is OK! Like I tell my own kiddos, “it is a good thing that I LOVE you because I don’t always like you!” I am here for all of you!

I apologize ahead of time for the last name confusions. I am Hispanic and I carry both paternal and maternal last names, and Marion County Public Schools has me enrolled as Ivonne Crespo and I have always been known as Ivonne Santana.

Please browse our class webpage and familiarize yourself with the sections. It will provide you with class information, syllabus, class rules, lab rules, and homework.

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