Feb 11 2017

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The factors in success boil down to a few principles. The successful people in this world tend to follow certain habits and embody certain traits. If you learn what these characteristics are, you should be able to attain the happiness and prosperity they’ve attained. Today, I’m posting YouTube videos from men who are successful in the business and financial sectors: men like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Donald Trump. In a series of videos, each of these men offer their Top 10 keys Read more [. ]

Buying Home Furnishings with Bad Credit In the past, finding credit for furniture loans tended to involve rent-to-own plans. These worked to give people who didn’t have the money to pay cash up-front the ability to pay as they went. The downside to that option was the price paid was often way higher than the list price. If you saw a bed for $1,500 and you leased-to-own, you ended up paying $1,800 or 20% interest by the time you finally owned the furnishings. These days, another option exists, Read more [. ]

The real estate market in the United States is starting to rebound from the global recession which started in 2008-2009. That’s great news for American renters, because it should lower prices in the apartment and rental housing market. When the sub-prime mortgage loans went bad, banks stopped lending money to just about anyone who wanted to buy a house. That meant millions of Americans who normally would be homebuyers suddenly were looking for rentals. With the influx of people, leases went up. That Read more [. ]

Dating can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. This post is aimed more at men than women, since most men still pick up the tab for most dates. It presents some ideas and thoughts about ways to date on a budget. One of the most important reasons to stick with a frugal dating strategy is to avoid gold diggers. You don’t want to get involved in a relationship with a woman who’s only interested in your money. Realistically speaking, a lot of women are interested in how financially secure you Read more [. ]

Financial Quotations Sayings When we started this website, we wanted to write about credit repair. Then our staff decided to give people at both ends of the wealth spectrum timely advice to help their personal fortunes. Throughout the intervening months, I’ve come across a whole collection of one-liners from people claiming to know their business. At a point, my colleagues made it a game to find new quotable material, so we here at No Credit Check have collected the words of thinkers both Read more [. ]

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