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We booked through this company and everything seemed good until we got our flight information yesterday. This was a packaged deal including air, hotel in Barcelona, and a 12 night Meditarranean cruise. They said they would advise of the flights before they were ticketed so we could approve and see about any changes/upgrades we might want to make at an additional charge. They said they make every effort to give nonstop flights where available. Our flight is not nonstop and there are several available. They ticketed us before they told us about the flights and say we cannot make any changes to them. There is no reason for a layover in Madrid with nonstop flights easily available, even through the same airline they booked us with. They no longer respond as quickly to phone calls or e-mails, and all they can say is that they are “sorry.” They out and out lied to us and won’t do a thing about it.

Hi. I am looking at a similar cruise tour through that agency. Were you able to resolve the issue with them? They didn’t make any statements about the flight for my possible troop. But I wanted to know if they addressed your concerns before your trip. Thank you.

Once they book the flight they will not change it. They do not give you non-stop flights – which is a real nuisance. We had to change in Madrid, and it was literally a 25 minute walk between terminals. We had to go from the domestic to the international terminal. We walked, talk a train, took a second train, and then walked some more. The signs were not good for which gate your flight was at and some people went to the wrong gate.

You can book your own flights, they will give you a package without air if you ask – but it will probably not be as big a savings as the whole package.

They had lied to us about telling us what our flights would be before they were booked. They had said we would have an opportunity to change them if we did not like them – that was totally wrong! They gave us an OBC to try to appease us because of all the noise I made. The Director of Sales did that, also promised he’d give me VIP treatment if we gave them another chance with another trip. Guess what – he is no longer with OVC. There have been a lot of changes in their staff.

Hope this helps.

We also booked with OnLine Vacation Center for a cruise with airfare transfers and hotel for two nights. We were away when they called prior to making the air reservation. What they booked was OK, but we would have preferred something different. Their initial response was, it is booked, it is not changeable. I called the airline and found it was changeable, for a fee. I call OnLine back and they said the airline does not have all of the information since it was booked through a consolidator (bucket shop), I may have the phrasing wrong here. I asked for the agency they used, and was given a small run around, I don’t know, I can’t say, etc. I was eventually put in contact with the person @ Online who worked with me to change the flight to a more direct non stop for an extra charge and a change fee, only fare. I would have preferred to work closer with OnLine in the beginning, but the air and hotel was theirs to choose, not mine. I feel we both walked away winners. We would use them again.

We just completed a trip via Online Vacations which was an experience to say the least. On our return we tried to cancel our next scheduled trip on the same cruise line to South America. All 4 of us were ill and required medical treatment. Like pulling teeth with no results. Never will use Online Vacations, Enrichment Journeys or April Travel Insurance again.

I misspoke. We did not book our last trip with Online Vacations. We were setting up 4 major trips at the time so forgive my confusion. But it has been O.V. that has given us the most grief. We did not want to travel with that cruise line again. Found out just today while going over paperwork, that their insurance price on the statement and what we were actually charged, was higher. Also a surprise extra charge of $140 each was required for a visa to enter Chile. This after we had put down our money. Never got back to us regarding the possibilities of additional country visa charges. They’ve done this before, this is their job, they know if there are extra charges.

We all liked every part of the deal except the layover in Madrid. They had advised for extra $212. per person we could obtain direct. We opted for cheaper alternative. They were very well organized and met us at airport and assembled us in waiting area for a bus trip to hotel. Check in was easy and room was nice.

After two night stay well organized into buses to cruise ship.

Once cruise was over met us at end of terminal to assemble us into buses and cabs to airport. They did a GREAT job! Made it much more relaxing and comfortable.

It is nice to know that they now offer the option of non-stop. We had asked for it, were willing to pay extra, and they were unable to do it. That was 3 years ago, so maybe enough people complained and they listened.

I have used online vacation center twice and was satisfied both times. I liked the agents I dealt with and thought they were thorough and professional — and willing to answer all my questions the myriad times I called them. They booked a HAL Panama canal trip and an Azamara Chelsea flower show cruise — both excellent cruise lines, both excellent and fun experiences without any problems. I thought OVC delivered what it said it would.

How were the hotels they booked? We were looking at Dublin or Praque with a stop in London. Does anyone know about the hotels that OVC uses, and the quality?

We used Online Vacation Center for a Trans- Atlantic cruise package from Rome to Ft Lauderdale in December 2012. The package included airfare from Miami to Rome, 2-nights in Rome, transfers included, and cruise for @$2200/person. Breaking it down:

Air — Miami was the gateway but we had a change of planes in Philadelphia. We paid separately for our own air from our home in Tn to gateway city of Miami in anticipation of direct to Rome. Instead, we went to Philly for change of planes.

Naturally, we would have preferred a direct flight from Miami to Rome or to have been able to go directly to Philly, avoiding the seemingless useless Miami to Philly leg. As a result, we had a long, long, day of travel to Rome. Communication and logistics of the air portion of this package was, by far, the worst aspect of this trip. GRADE D

Hotel — two nights in 4-star, super location (Ancient Rome area), good breakfast, clean and quiet room, helpful staff. GRADE B+

Cruise — 3 ports of call in Med and a 4th in Canary Islands aboard Celebrity’s Silhouette. GRADE A

Overall, Online Vacation Center worked well for us, providing good value. However, much improvement is needed with regard to the flight portion of their packages. (Hopefully, improvements have been made over the past year.)

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