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Online Vacation Center

We received an enticing e-mail from Online Vacation Center and were wondering if anyone has had experience with them. They are offering an 11 night Western Mediterranean Fly, cruise and stay deal for $1799 leaving New York for Barcelona on Dec 3. Ports include Casablanca, Agadir, Las Palmas, Funchal and Granada on the NCL Jade. This includes 2 nights in hotel in Barcelona. The add-on from Los Angeles to New York is $250 which is fine EXCEPT that they say the taxes for this flight comes to $200 more for a total of $450. This does not make sense to me. Tax seems atrociously HIGH. Are they trying to get away with something by saying $200 tax for LA-NY round trip. I went onto Kayak and found flight for same time period charging $364 for flight and $21 tax for total of $385 RT. Do they charge a $90 pp fee, as well??

So, any comments or thoughts about honesty of Online vacation Center which is based in Florida. Any comments appreciated. Thanks. JH

I am not familiar with Online Vacation Center but you know the old adage – If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

I have seen things like this advertised and when you sit down with pencil and paper and figure it all out, it turns out not to be such a bargain many times. For this kind of thing, you need to read every little thing and figure out how this will affect your total cost before making your decision.

If they are offering you a more expensive flight from LA, just book your own and take the offer from NYC to Barcelona.

Perhaps someone else has experience with Online Vacation Center and can help you with them.

December 3rd is off-season for both cruises and flights from the US. (People here have just finished up Thanksgiving and folks here and in Europe are waiting for Christmas to take time off, so not a lot of demand). Which is all a too-wordy (sorry) way of saying that I would expect to find low prices at that time.

I think I have heard of Online Vacation Center over the years, but so many of these agency names are similar it’s hard to be sure. One way to check whether the pricing is good (or, as suggested above, “too good”) is to put a quote request into http://www.CruiseCompete.com for the same ship and sail date. You can ask about airfare in the comments, though I’ve found that not all agencies will quote airfare.

If and when you do end up booking with Online Vacation Center or anyone else, make sure you use a credit card and that it’s the cruise line and not the agency that charges the card.

Let us know how it goes!

Interesting comment of self-promotion from a first-time poster.

Is it a full moon today? this is not the first ad!

I have no idea about the honesty of the company, but the total price seems pretty typical to me for this time of year, not a real bargain unless it is a cruise you particularly want to do.
Do some comparison shopping on other websites. We have used www.vacationstogo.com (not vacationtogocruises) for two cruises. They were very good. One cruise, we booked directly with the cruise line because their offer was better than the discount company.

Anyway, go on the VTG website and check out their 90 day sticker prices or fill in the show me a bargain place.
This is what I just found.
NCL Jade Dec 3, from Barcelona, inside $799, Oceanview $999, Balcony $1249. That, at least gives you an idea of what you are paying for airfare and the hotel in Barcelona.
NCL Jade Nov 14, inside $609.
They are both shown as currently sold out, but that may not be accurate. I don’t know. If you are looking for a winter cruise, you have a lot of choices.

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