Oct 10 2017

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Legacy and many more……

  • The Basics of Assembly
  • Step 1: The base or “cabinet” as it is called is assembled and leveled.
  • Step 2: We take the measurements to your room assuring the best possible clearances for your pool table so you are not hitting any walls with your cues, however, smaller rooms my require shorter cues to clear. (We carry a full line of “Trouble Shooter” cues if needed).
  • Step 3: We install the pool table slate which consists of three pieces. We then level the slate with shims NO wedges and match each piece to B.C.A. specifications. After the slate is perfectly matched we seam it with Beeswax.
  • Step 4: The cloth is installed by stapling, NOT gluing unless absolutely necessary.
  • Step 5: The rails are installed squared and straight aligned down the side pocket, then all pockets are secured.
  • Step 6: We re-check the level on sides for any settling.

**Please do your research when hiring a pool table company**

Sadly; most companies today use sub-contracted technicians to save money. Unfortunately, these guys in most cases have little if any experience, proper tools or insurance coverage for that matter. We have found that most of these types of businesses are gone in a matter of a few weeks or months at best, and mostly found on sites like craigslist and other free social media outlets.

Why should I choose The Pool Table Doctor?

We are trained, certified, insured, use B.C.A. specs and most importantly experienced. With “20 years” in the business we are here to stay!

Have it done “RIGHT” the first time and call – The Pool Table Doctor!

The Pool Table Doctor Techniques vs. Others

The wrong way

Some inexperienced techs will rush through the job by simply recovering the table shaking your hand and their gone. Some will think they are going the extra mile by checking the levelness of the center of the table. Not good!

The correct way

Almost 99% of all home pool tables have three pieces of slate which make the play field, they will settle over time. When recovering a table all three pieces must be checked and re-leveled. It is very rare to encounter a level table and we would rather take the extra bit of effort to do things the correct way by checking them all. Once it is re-leveled the seams or joints are then re-filled and smoothed with bees wax.

Wedges vs. Shims

One of many things that we do differently than our competition is that we use flat shims (not wedges) when leveling slate, it takes a little longer but is the right way, period. Flat shims allow for your pool table to stay level even after bumping and other vibrations from play because they are sandwiched in-between the slate and the body (cabinet) of the pool table. With wedges they are only holding the slate up at the highest point that it’s hammered in and what happens is when the pool table is bumped or vibrated from play the wedges will wiggle loose and slide outward thus dropping your slate and making a ridge on the play field. Some guys will try to glue them in however that is just a Band-Aid.

Putty vs. Bees wax

Some inexperienced installers will also use Bondo or Plaster of Paris for the slate seams, the problem is these hard compounds will crack under the felt leaving pebble-like bumps. This happens if the pool table has been stood on, bumped, pool balls jumping or just can happen over time from settling. Also, slate seams can be cheated by using hard compounds because they are puttied on and sanded down, the seams will feel smooth but not necessarily level.

Bees wax is definitely the professional’s choice for slate seams as it is flexible and pliable and cannot be cheated as your slate has to be perfectly level as 99% of the bees wax is scrapped off after melted. Also, the benefit is if your slate seams shift the bees wax will flex with them.

The Pool Table Doctor Guarantees All Services!

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