Oct 29 2016

Problems Leasing or Renting? Find apartments that accept broken leases, bankruptcy and Background Issues with A Apartment Locators #rent #home

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Problems renting or leasing due to a
Bankruptcy, Broken Lease or Background Issue? We can help!

Having trouble leasing or renting an apartment in Austin because of a background issue, bankruptcy or broken lease? Many responsible and productive people have experienced hard times in their lives that have put them in the position where they might have trouble leasing or renting and apartment, condo or rental property. But don’t worry, there are many Austin apartment communities that are friendly to broken leases, bankruptcy and/or background issues. These apartments are willing to consider the situation and accept new tenants on a case by case basis.

As a veteran in the Austin apartment and rental markets with more than two decades of experience, A+ Apartment Locators has deep ties to many of these apartment communities and landlords and can match your situation with the right apartment opportunities.

One of our experienced apartment locators can troubleshoot the qualifying situations in your profile. We know when the best time for you to apply is, and how how to present your references in their best light. We keep required extra deposits to a minimum and discuss them with the apartment manager so that you avoid embarrassment and get the best treatment possible.

Whether you have:

  • Financial troubles that lead to a bankruptcy,
  • Bad credit,
  • A public record or background issue that makes leasing problematic,
  • A situation that lead to a broken lease, or
  • Any sort of problematic history that might prevent apartments or landlords from renting to you…

we can help you find the right apartment or rental property! Regardless of your situation, our apartment location services are always free to our clients! All you have to do is fill out the easy apartment search form on this page and we will get started on your Austin apartment search right away! Please be sure to outline your situation in the ‘Additional Information’ area of the form, so that we can pull relevant apartment and rental property matches when we conduct our search.

Many factors come in to consideration when an apartment complex or landlord is considering a renter, so please be ready to work with us to show them that you are a responsible renter! A Plus Apartment Locators are here to be of service to you!

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