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Transferring College Credit

How to transfer college credit to Purdue University

Purdue Transfer Credit Database – Searchable database of college courses that transfer to Purdue. Use this system to view how Purdue undergraduate courses compare to those of other institutions across the United States and, in some cases, internationally.

Beginner Student Definition

Students who have graduated or will graduate from secondary school but have not earned credits at a post-secondary institution are considered to be beginner students when commencing studies at Purdue.

Transfer Student Definition

Students who have graduated from a secondary school and who have also earned credits at a post-secondary institution are considered to be transfer students when commencing studies at Purdue.

Transfer Credit Requirements

In general, credits earned in courses at non-U.S. post-secondary institutions that have equivalent courses at Purdue for which a grade of C or better has been earned, are transferable as credit. However, not all transferable credits are counted toward a degree program. Specific recommendations are made by ISS admission staff. The final decision is made by the student s academic advisor.

Original transcripts and certified copies (attested true copies) translated into the English language must be submitted in order for a credit evaluation to be completed.

Transfer Student Admission Criteria

Individual Purdue colleges and majors have varying criteria for transfer admission. Please visit the Admissions Criteria page for more information.

Transferring Summer School Credit

International students may take summer courses outside of Purdue University, which may include summer courses offered in their home country. Purdue University can only consider awarding transfer credits for completed college coursework officially recorded on academic records issued directly by a university which has been recognized by the appropriate governmental agency (Ministry of Education, etc.) and possesses regional academic accreditation in the country which it is located. Additionally, transfer credit can only be considered if said coursework is recognized as directly applicable to a degree program at the institution where the course was offered as institutional credit. Courses completed within a non-academic unit, ancillary department, secondary academy or institute, nor any other program that falls outside the recognized academic offerings at a university cannot be considered for transfer credit.

The Office of International Students and Scholars processes all transfer credit for courses taken at institutions outside the U.S. Acceptance of courses and credits deemed suitable for transfer to Purdue University is determined by faculty in the department, school, or college responsible for instruction in the subject area. If a course has not been previously approved for transfer, a detailed course syllabus must be sent to the Office of International Students and Scholars for review.

Students requesting transfer credit for coursework from a higher learning institution in China must have a China Academic Degree and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC) verification report of the university transcript mailed directly to the Office of International Students and Scholars. There are numerous English-language based summer programs in China which are administered by a third-party collaboration with an institution hosting the program on a campus in China. If the program is not part of a university degree program, it may not be recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education. This determination will be made by the CDGDC for all China programs. Moreover, CDGDC verification does not guarantee the transfer of credit to Purdue University. College courses completed through summer programs offered on the campuses of officially recognized institutions in China are subject to an additional review and can only be considered for transfer credit if the following requirements are fully met:

  • The courses must be completed at an institution that is officially recognized by the Ministry of Education of the People s Republic of China as a university and possess regional academic accreditation.
  • The summer programs offering the courses must be recognized by the CDGDC, and the recognition status must be clearly indicated on the official CDGDC verification report.
  • The completed courses must be officially recorded by an accredited university in China and the student records (transcript) must be issued directly by the university s record office, and not by any administrative offices within the university.
  • The student records (transcript) should be issued with official university transcript paper on official university letterhead and stamped by the university s record office.

Please note, courses completed at an officially recognized institution in China but recorded by an accredited U.S university without a physical branch campus in China are not eligible for consideration of transfer credit.

For more information on how to obtain an official CDGDC verification report, please visit the CDGDC website at: http://www.cdgdc.edu.cn. You may also contact CDGDC using the following information:


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