Oct 10 2017

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Realtor Salary

Job Description for Realtor

A realtor is a person who helps people buy and sell houses. Typically a realtor will work most closely with persons who are attempting the steps required in selling a house or similar property. However, people who are relocating to an area or looking to move into a new home may also engage a realtor to assist them in their search. In many instances, the realtor acts as a representative in the interests of the buying or selling client they represent. The realtor gets the best sale price possible, while looking out for the best interests of the persons they’re assisting.

In helping to sell a home or property, a realtor will usually engage with the seller to first help determine a fair market value and asking price. The realtor will take into account not only the assessed value of the home, but also recent sales in the vicinity when advising on this asking price. In assisting with the buying aspect of a home or property, a realtor will typically work to discover the needs and wants of a client regarding location and family size and will prioritize these various criteria. The realtor will show clients homes and properties that match these requirements and fit within the buyer’s price range.

To work as a realtor, in most jurisdictions a person must become certified. This typically involves classes offered in a community college or other classroom setting. Realtors are salespersons of the highest order, typically relying on commissions as their primary form of income. To be successful, a realtor must be personable and outgoing and have excellent customer service instincts. Most realtors work regular hours during the week, with occasional irregular and weekend duties. Realtors typically split time between an office environment and field work, visiting and showing properties.

Realtor Tasks

  • Develop strong relationships with clients, identifying needs, preferences and goals.
  • View properties, advise about prices and hold open houses.
  • Advertise, network and increase awareness of properties and brand.
  • Counsel clients about prices, financing, legal options and expectations.
  • Create, review, edit and update contracts, agreements, leases, deeds and other paperwork.

Common Career Paths for Realtor

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