Nov 20 2017

Santa barbara apartments #fort #collins #apartments

#santa barbara apartments


Just few kilometers (2,5km) from Santa Barbara’s apartments it’s the centre of the village named Perivoli. Perivoli contains characteristic architecture. It is a small, quiet village which still retains its traditional Greek atmosphere and architecture, in a beautiful rural setting – you will see olive trees, vegetable gardens and vineyards. This picturesque village, through olive groves, will enchant you and will make you feel at home with the stone-made houses. the traditional square with the pretty coffee shops. the churches. the paths with stone tiles but mostly the hospitable, friendly people. Corfu perivoli Strolling through the narrow streets you can find traditional cafes where you can enjoy fresh drinks and some taverns where you can taste local food. Few kilometers from Perivoli (2km) there is a small port in the side which sees across the Epirot coasts, named Kalyviotis where you can taste fresh fish gazing at the olive groves and the deep blue of the sea.

In the south side of the beautiful island of Corfu you will meet the traditional village of Perivoli, where Santa Barbara apartments and restaurant overlook the long sandy beach in Maltas in an exquisite site where the green of the island meets the sea. Santa Barbara is a peaceful location ideal for couples or families looking for a relaxing break in a secluded area. The apartments are seconds away from the beach and conveniently adjoined to the restaurant and beach shop. Our restaurant is the ideal choice for coffee,drink,lunch or dinner, while gazing at the magnificent open sea of Maltas. The genuine hospitality from the friendly management, the well-designed apartments, restaurant facilities and quality services delivered will make your stay a pleasurable and relaxing experience that you will remember for long.

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