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If you are like most people, you probably do not know where or what Santa Ponsa is and what it s all about. Well, you don t need to worry because in this article, we re going to tell you a thing or two about this place.

Santa Ponsa is a holiday resort island that is part of Spain. As a resort island, you can expect to find a lot of beach resorts there and other places of recreation where you can enjoy and just have fun.

IF you want to go on a beach holiday without travelling too far, like what you might do in the case of Phuket Thailand, you should make travel plans to Santa Ponsa.

When it comes to organizing your holiday, there are really just two ways to do it. It s either you organize it yourself or you book a holiday package. We re not going to tell you how to organize your holiday, but we are going to tell you that DIY-organized trips and holiday packages both have their pros and cons.

All About Santa Ponsa And What You Should Know About It

If you book your trip yourself, you have more freedom on where you can go. It is possible to save money especially if you seek out cheap accommodations and know where the locals go to for wining and dining. On the other hand, if you book a tour package, it is very convenient, and you will have none of the hassles usually experienced by tourists who organize their own tours.

Here s our word of advice: If you re already familiar with the area, you can organize your own trip yourself, but if you don t, you should go for the safe route and book an organized tour.

The key to ensuring that you ll have a truly memorable vacation is by looking for reputable tour organizers.

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The Santa Ponsa Resort

Santa Ponsa Beach Sunset

There is a Roman Villa called Sancta Pontia, and this is where Santa Ponsa derived its name from, and it is also where King James arrived in 1229, which is when he took the island from Moors, and it came after being under Muslim rule for more than 300 years. After James conqured Majorca, it became part of the Kingdom of Aragon, and the area where James landed can easily be seen because there is a cross located at the marina s entrance. Holidaymakers can enjoy a grand fiesta in September, and a mock battle between the Christians and Moors takes place on the beach, and this fiesta goes on for two weeks. During these two weeks, you can watch a pop concert and enjoy a firework display. 1. Activities- People from Ireland, Great Britain, Germany and the Netherlands flock to the resort, as many of them own their own apartments and villas on each of the bay s side. It is a popular summer resort, and the busy season is from May to October. However, there is a local population, and this has resulted in a sustained number of businesses staying open throughout the entire year, and these businesses include banks, restaurants, shops and so forth.

Santa Ponsa Golf

Santa Ponsa Golf

2. Facilities- There are two 18-hole golf courses that can be found at Santa Ponsa, as well as a 9-hole course, but you do have to be a member of Santa Ponsa III, if you want to play golf on its course. All three golf courses are gorgeous and they allow golf carts to be driven on them. Not only that but there is an English school located nearby, and this school is called the Baleares International College. If that wasn t impressive enough, then you will love the private marina that can be found at Santa Ponsa. The marina was built in the mid-70s, and it can be found in Sa Caleta, which is a natural cove. More than 500 boars can be accommodated by the marina, and there are various dry dock services available. Asides from that, the island hosts COMETA electric power transmission system, and they host it from the mainland.

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