Sep 28 2017

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Privately owned and operated since 1982, AzSecurity Control knows what it takes to provide alarm dealers and their customers just what they expect from a central station. And that’s not always the same thing for everybody.

Our Monitoring Expertise Includes:

  • Two-way Voice for Burg & Medical Systems
  • Internet Receivers for DMP, DSC and AlarmNet
  • Online Customer and Dealer Access
  • AES-Radio Network Coverage from Phoenix to Tucson

    Phoenix Map – Click for Larger Image

    Our proprietary security alarm monitoring software is quite simply one of the finest in the industry. It has been refined and perfected for nearly two decades by a very talented programmer (slash employee/shareholder) and our in house staff. But.

    We don’t SELL software. We CREATE software to SERVICE alarm dealers.

    At AzSecurity we’re confident you’ll find our prices competitive and our monitoring service second to none!

    Does your Central Station give you confidence or excuses?

    No one here is confused by new communicator formats or technology in general. Least of all by our central station software. Quite the contrary. The people who use the software in the central station are just down the hall from the people who write it. Our full time IT staff does not service or support other central stations. NO OTHER CENTRAL STATION IN THE WORLD has our software. ONLY AzSecurity Control. Our dealers and staff would have it no other way!

    Our alarm monitoring software offers an array of features ready to customize to suit any alarm dealer in the security alarm business. If you need it done, WE can do it right.

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