Jul 27 2017

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Senior Housing

Villages are local, volunteer-led, grassroots organizations that aim to support community members who choose to age-in-place. Villages foster social connections through activities. Many also coordinate help at home using a model of neighbors helping neighbors. Montgomery County has about two dozen villages, active or in development. Villages organize community events such as book clubs, walking groups, knitting clubs, guest speakers and outings. Each village is designed by local community members to reflect their interests and needs. For example, some villages focus on serving older residents; others choose a more intergenerational approach. Some charge a membership fee; others charge no fee and are all-volunteer. For more information, go to montgomerycountymd.gov/village .

Design for Life Montgomery is the first voluntary certification program in Maryland for Visit-Ability and Live-Ability in single family attached and detached homes located in Montgomery County. The guidelines apply to both new construction and renovation. Please see the web site below for further information.

The Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services (DPS) has launched a revised Design for Life (referred to as DFL or Design for Life ) Incentive Program intended to increase the stock of visitable and livable housing in Montgomery County through tax incentives, promotion of Design for Life principles and businesses engaged in providing housing that meets Design for Life standards and through collaboration with stakeholder partners.

The County introduced this credit in levy year 2007 for eligible residents at least 65 years of age. This credit is calculated as 50 percent of the combined State Homeowners Tax Credit and County Supplement. This credit, if applicable, is added to the County Supplement and reduces the taxpayer s tax bill. For more information, check finance website .

The programs on this page provide housing specifically for people with disabilities. However, persons with disabilities should also look into our other housing programs, for which they may qualify, including Public Housing and the Housing Choice Voucher program.For information about housing that is not owned or operated by HOC, contact the Housing Assistance and Resource Service at (240) 627-9400.

  • Independent Living Communities
  • Other Affordable Housing Options for Seniors

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