Apr 10 2019

Sidney Phillips

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Sidney Phillips, NEF2.COM

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Sidney Phillips Business Mortgages specialises in arranging funding packages to help business borrowers acquire or re-finance pubs, hotels and restaurants, throughout the UK.

At the present time the key to successfully obtaining funding for a business purchase or re-finance is a mixture of good connections within the lending institutions, an understanding of the lender’s borrowing criteria and careful attention to providing them with a well thought out and fully documented proposal.

With all lenders having tightened up on commercial lending it has never been more important to use the experience of companies such as ourselves who can provide you with a whole of market solution, when considering the financing of your business.

We hope you find our site informative but as each set of circumstances will be unique, and given the currently challenging lending market, we would suggest that you call us for an informal chat and to receive indicative terms.

For friendly help and guidance
please call on 01834 849795

“We are very grateful we contacted you. Without your help and expert guidance we would not be happily trading at the Trout Inn in Beulah and forging a good future for ourselves” Dave and Heather Saunders http://www.thetroutinn.net

We are market experts for:

Looking to buy another type of business?

See our partner site Business Mortgage Solutions for help and guidance on funding for all commercial and retail businesses.

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