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Spiders – Pest Control Santa Barbara #pest #control #santa #barbara


Spider control has been of a great concern for homeowners, most especially those residing in the south west. North America alone has about 3,000 spider species, but just two in the southern and western United stated tends to cause major harm when threatened or disturbed; the brown reclose and the black widow.

Consult a pest professional immediately you notice spiders are infesting you home. The experts will inspect, identify the specie and give prescription on a course of action to follow.

The black widow spiders have red spot beneath their abdomen, which they are mostly recognized by. The name was given it from the common believe that the black widow spider eats up the male after mating, which is actually a false believe. These spiders are very poisonous when accidentally taken in within 17 of their life.

Brown Recluse Spiders

These spiders a symbolic dark brown mark on their back. They commonly invade cedar shake roofs and webs that are irregular which they use when they need to retreat

Common House Spiders
These are the common indoor spider. It constitutes more nuisance with its web than even itself. The house spider is found globally and common in the U.S. and Canada.

The hobo spider spreads its distribution by hitching free rides along highways with humans. The spider was introduced from Europe in the 1930s and is now common in nothing less than six states, gaining more grounds than a lot of native species

The Jumping spiders have about 300 species in U.S and Canada. Unlike other spiders, these spiders are most active during the day than at night and they seem to like sunshine.

Long-Bodied Cellar Spiders

These spiders have very long, tinny legs which earned them the name daddy-long-legs . Just like their name connotes, they are found in dark damp places like basements and cellars. There are currently about 20 cellar spiders species in the U.S and Canada.

Wolf spiders, unlike most spiders don t hunt with webs; they rather use their speed to chase their prey. They appear big and hairy which breeds fear in a lot of people, but they happen to be just nuisance pest. Well over 100 species of the wolf spider are found in the U.S and Canada.

“Spiders in the bathroom and basement and they looked dangerous, pleased you got them out”

Red F, Santa Barbara

“Our garage and back yard had over 12 rats we counted. Thanks for telling them to leave “

Harry N, N Milpas St

“We had bed bugs in 2 of our bedrooms, no idea how? And you saved us..”

Graham F, Hope Ranch

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