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Sump Pump Ratings and Reviews #sump #pump #ratings, #sump #pumps


The Wayne Water Systems VIP 50 ½ HP 2,500 GPH Submersible Water Pump is an excellent purchase. I have been an independent plumbing contractor for 20 years. Last year, I had to replace my old sump pump because the motor burned out. I purchased the Wayne Water Systems pump because this brand has always given me good service. It worked right out of the box, and that was a good thing.

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I’ve owned the M-53 ZOELLER Mighty Mate Sump Pump for a good 10 or 11 years now. The area I live in is quite prone to floods even if it’s not a major one at least a couple of times per year. Needless to say my basement was receiving the brunt of the damage and it wasn’t quite the indoor swimming pool I’ve always dreamed of! Now, I actually wanted my basement to be a somewhat usable area so I knew that I needed a submersible sump pump as opposed to a pedestal one. After some extensive research, I settled on the ZOELLER M-53. Most professionals choose to install a Zoeller into their client’s homes so I figured they must know something.

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I was in a pretty desperate situation a year or so back and was frantically looking for a good pump. My basement had flooded significantly and I needed something a lot more substantial than mops and buckets! I came across the Simer 2305 Geyser II 1/4 HP Submersible Utility Pump online and I have to admit, was a little weary due to the low price. The last thing I wanted was to spend money on a product that wasn’t going to help my situation, or even make it worse.

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Hi there! My name is Paul Whistler and I live in Chicago. I’ve worked as a professional plumber for many years and I started this website to share my personal sump pump reviews and experiences. Please feel free to browse around and I hope you’ll find the best sump pump for your needs. You may want to start with the list of best selling sump pumps below!

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