Sep 26 2016

How to plan for paying apartm

#apartments with utilities included # Your Guide to Apartment Utilities When you move into an apartment, you know what the rent will cost you. The utility bills, however, can be more difficult to figure out. Depending on where you are moving, and the terms of your lease, there are different possibilities of what utilities you ll have to pay separately, and which will be included in your rent. If you have a roommate, you also have to decide how your apartment utilities will be divided, and in whose name the bill will come. What s included in the lease? Utility …

Sep 14 2016

How to Find a Rent-Stabilized Apartment in New York City – New York City – New York

#apartments in new york city # How to Find a Rent-Stabilized Apartment in New York City NEW YORK CITY — The hunt for rent-stabilized apartments is not for the faint of heart — but there are deals for those willing to search for them, researchers and advocates said. The highly sought-after apartments — which offer perks including a guaranteed right to renew your lease and limits on how much a landlord can hike up the rent each year — can be found in nearly every corner of the city, from Hunts Point to the Rockaways, experts said. “Don’t believe the …