Nov 4 2017

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The Arizona Group

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Our Testimonials

Delivering the best possible service means making sure we help you identify potential risks in your personal and business pursuits, finding you the right insurance coverage options and providing all that at the lowest possible price. Do we deliver? See what our clients have to say about that.

Thank you for your continued years of service, you have a client for life. In business as a business owner, I am bombarded on a daily basis with offers like: tremendous savings, great rates, and 10 minutes to save a bundle on insurance. I have come to the realization that there is way more to insurance than a great rate. While important, I have found that you get what you pay for. Then there are times that you get so much more than you pay for. In the many years that I have been in business, I have seldom found a better team than Doug and Kelly in any industry. They anticipate needs and offer products as any great agent would, but they go far beyond premiums and policies and take a special personal interest in me the client, the businessman, the individual.

Dana Duncan, SummitWest Signs

I finally got a life insurance quote and may I say it was the most painless, easiest, smartest thing I have ever done. I know we never want to think about dying and what will happen, but John made the whole process very informative and in my opinion, its more like an investment for my future, especially my daughter. I decided to insure myself and my daughter, all for under $40 per month. Not bad at all, I say, especially to keep my family protected.

Sally Enriquez, Personal Insurance Client

We have been long-time clients of The Arizona group and their service to us has been amazing. We have purchased many different types of insurance and every agent in each area has been so helpful throughout the entire process; helping to select the correct policies, answering any questions as they arise throughout the year, handling billing in extremely efficient ways, and, of course, handling the claims that we have had to file. I recommend The Arizona Group very highly and without reservation for any insurance needs an individual, a family or business might have. Insurance is for peace of mind and no one offers that like The Arizona Group.

Dorie Duff, Personal Insurance Client

Thank you very much for making an interesting situation easier. You and your team were great to work with. There are plenty of horror stories about insurance companies, agents and adjusters. Our experience was awesome. Your efforts clearly made a very positive impression on Abby and me.

Dave Garcia, Client

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