May 5 2018

The Garage – with 836 sq, garage apartment plans.#Garage #apartment #plans

The Garage with 836 sq. ft. apartment

A double garage, with 2 6 wall construction below and a beautiful timber framed, 2-bedroom apartment on the 2nd floor.

Lots of possibilities. Use as a garage with an apartment above, and finish it out later.

The upper floor apartment: 836 sq. ft.

Lower level: 782 sq. ft.

Total: 1618 sq. ft.


The Garage is very economical to build, but it looks classy. It s a hybrid, with 2 6 wall construction below and a timber framed apartment on the 2nd floor.

This design has lots of possibilities.

  • It could be a regular garage with a guest apartment upstairs, or provide extra income as a rental. For a rental it could have an outside stair with a deck.
  • Use it as a starter home. Later, one of the garages could be converted into a level-entry in-law suite or a rec room for a growing family.
  • Make it the first building on your cottage lot. It would provide lots of storage for SUVs, 4-wheelers, boat, kayaks, etc.

The upstairs apartment has a fully timbered roof with open timber valleys, tie beams, and rafters. There is a loft area over the bedrooms which is accessed by a pull-down stair in one of the bedrooms.

The elegant recessed entry between the garage doors allows you to stand at the door out of the weather.

Your Package Contains:

  • Working Prints

Floor plans, foundation plan, roof plan, sections, elevations, window door schedules and construction details.

  • Timber Frame Plans

    Roof plan (plan view of roof framing), 2nd floor framing, timber elevations, timber bent drawings (sections) and timber sizings.

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