Jul 31 2019

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The travel magazine

The travel magazine

Whether you’re headed to the Arctic, the Maldives or the Lake District, your journey starts here – with Britain’s best-selling travel title.

The Sunday Times Travel Magazine is the glossy monthly holiday bible for people who love to get away, and every issue is packed full of award-winning writing, take-me-there photography, and the kind of inside-track information you just won’t find anywhere else.

For more than a decade, The Sunday Times Travel Magazine has been the publication discerning holiday-makers turn to for inspiration, information and escapism. Authoritative but accessible, beautiful yet useful – it is, quite simply, where the savviest travellers start their greatest trips.

Every monthly issue features:

  • Our comprehensive ‘Total Guide’ – 25 pages focusing on a different destination in-depth each month
  • Four insightful ‘Instant Escapes’ – tear-out-and-take-off mini-guides to the world’s most weekendable cities
  • Our time-saving ‘Filter’ section – bringing you only the very best and best-value: no more long hours spent Googling!
  • Our unique ‘Knowledge’ section – full of sneaky tips on how to snag the cheapest flights, best hotel rooms, most gorgeous holiday photos, and so on
  • More holiday giveaways and travel goodies than any other magazine
  • Also makes a great gift!

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Trial offers are no obligation Direct Debit offers open to UK residents only. If you wish to cancel, please inform us within 14 days of receiving your final trial issue and no more payments will be taken. This limited offer may be withdrawn at anytime.

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You may cancel within seven working days of the date on which your order was received and you will be eligible for a full refund. No refunds will be given after this period.

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