Dec 19 2017

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Your ultimate guide to Hong Kong

Enjoy afternoon tea at JW Café

SPONSORED FEATURE Sit back, relax, and enjoy an exquisite afternoon tea at JW Café in the JW Marriott this weekend. There’s nothing more appealing than a decadent buffet filled with an array of international and Asian specialties plus a few sweet treats to keep you satisfied all weekend long. We guarantee you’ll be lining up for more after tasting gourmet delights crafted by JW Café’s executive sous chef, Tony Wong. Dig into popular dishes including double-boiled fish maw and abalone soup with young coconut, hand-crafted dim sum specialties, baked mushroom in cream sauce and crispy crab claws stuffed with shrimp mousse and mango. Is your mouth watering yet?JW Café’s signature buffet also hosts one of Hong Kong’s best salad bars, boasting over 18 types of fresh produce for diners to create their very own salads. Get creative and top off your salad with your favourite dressing and meat or seafood for a healthy meal that will keep your tastebuds satisfied. Don’t forget about the great selection of premium cold cuts and fresh sushi and sashimi as well – there’s a lot to choose from so make sure you try a bit of everything. There’s always room for dessert, and the offer at JW Café is one of the best in town, offering an array of sweet treats and decadent selections from the dedicated pastry team. Treat yourself to refreshing plum wine jelly topped with yuzu foam, Portuguese egg tarts, or indulge in JW Café’s signature Hong Kong opera cake made with yuan yang (milk tea and coffee

The best coffee shops in Macau

Much has been written about Hong Kong’s booming coffee culture. But what of our sister SAR? Surely Macau is just entertainment complexes and drinking holes, without a cracking coffee house in sight, right? Wrong – there’s a café scene over there that most certainly rivals our own. From artisanal gems to resort-based coffee giants that tout some of the most expensive blends in the world, Macau is fast becoming an Asian leader on the caffeine front. We’ve brewed up our eight favourites for you to check out on your next trip over.

Superfoods: Food to save the day

Rich in nutrients, superfoods are the heavy lifters of the food universe. We uncover the best neighbourhood joints to sample these much-lauded ingredients.

Mean streets: Hong Kong s most infamous murders

Hong Kong is proudly one of the safest places in the world. And it seems we’re only getting safer, too – our crime rate for 2015 was the lowest it’s been in nearly four decades, despite fears about a post-Occupy run of lawlessness sweeping the city like a tide of tear gas. But of course, no place is totally immune to crime, and Hong Kong has certainly seen its share of gruesome activity. We take a look back at some of the most infamous murders that have got our town talking over the years. Milkshake murderNancy Kissel murdered her husband Robert in 2003, with a little help from a strawberry milkshake. Nancy was allegedly having an affair, and Robert had a private detective investigate her. After having had enough and amid claims that Robert had been abusing her, nefarious Nancy laced a milkshake with sedatives before bludgeoning her benedict to death. Though she claimed self-defence, she was found guilty and sentenced to life behind bars. Braemar Hill murdersHong Kong’s highest profile expatriate murders took place in Braemar Hill in 1985, when British teenagers Kenneth McBride and Nicola Myers were murdered by five young gangsters. The gang initially attempted to rob the pair and upon finding they had no money, raped Myers and brutally murdered her and McBride. They were all found guilty and given varying sentences. Hello Kitty murderIn 1999, 23-year-old night club hostess Fan Man-yee was kidnapped by three triad men and imprisoned in an apartment in Tsim Sha Tsui over a

Hooters Hong Kong is open! Bring your wife, bring your kids!

With an announcement in 2015 that Hooters is opening up 30 outlets in Southeast Asia in six years, Hong Kong was one of the most excited cities to receive the news. At the helm of Hong’s Kong’s first branch of the iconic American bar is General Manager Mike Warde, no stranger to our fair city. Brought up in Hong Kong, Warde has lived here since the age of 17. Working his way up from the bottom at iconic Hong Kong establishments such as Joe Bananas, Dog House and Shamrocks, Warde got the call 18 months ago to help with opening Hooters in Asia. After successful launches in Thailand and China, he’s back in his hometown to open up the 15th Asian branch. The hoarding came down today to unveil this one-of-a-kind ‘family’ sports bar in Hong Kong, and Warde says we should bring our kids… So Mike, for the uninitiated, what is the Hooters concept?We’re a fun-loving entertainment sports bar with great chicken wings. Our icon is our girls. We don’t just employ girls, we employ boys as well. I don’t expect the Hooter girls to be carrying around cans of beer, or cases of beer – this is boys’ business. There are Hooter boys?There’re a lot of Hooter Boys. There are Hooter Boy Teams. They’re security for the bar, bar supervisors, there are barmen behind the bar too. The concept is that the Hooter girls serve the customers, come and chat with you and give you all the information you need and then, there’s the Hooters dance. Every 45 minutes they do a choreographed dance, and there are 12 in

Asia’s biggest Lego store has just opened in Mong Kok

The doors have just opened to Asia’s biggest Lego store. The 4,000 sq ft space in Langham Place (8 Argyle St, Mong Kok) is a veritable Lego wonderland for big kids and little kids alike, and features the latest products that, for the first time, will be released in Hong Kong on the same day they’re released internationally. The store features a ‘Pick-A-Brick’ wall which includes over 100 different buckets and pieces, making this possibly Hong Kong’s first Lego smorgasbord. As well as the range, there are also numerous Lego displays that have been designed by certified Lego master – because this, apparently, is very much a thing – Hung Chi Kin, and his team of experts with a true Hong Kong edge. A highlight is the nearly 10 sq ft mosaic depicting Victoria Harbour and the Star Ferry, which makes use of over 100,000 Lego pieces and is officially the largest Lego fixture in Hong Kong. In the centre of the shop there’s possibly an even more impressive display, in the form of a Mong Kok street scene. This has been crafted using over 700,000 Lego pieces, and takes in Argyle and Sai Yeung Choi Streets as well as the bustle of Nathan Road. It’s taken over two months to create, and the streets around Langham Place are set to be added in future. With two more megastores slated to open in Causeway Bay and the New Territories, we could be on our way to a full-blown Lego takeover. Combined with the current Pokémon Go craze, could Hong Kong be on its way to seeing something of a 90s reviv

It’s official: we’ve hit peak Hong Kong. In a move that really, we should have seen coming, Hong Kong’s first rabbit caf has just opened in Causeway Bay.

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