Sep 12 2017

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Undergraduate Programs

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Visit either of these sites for additional online courses and programs.

All of FSU’s online Undergraduate Degree Programs are advanced standing degree programs. Students are generally required to have completed 60 or more semester hours of transferable credit as determined by the Office of Admissions (usually an Associate’s degree or the equivalent) and meet junior level transfer requirements. Students must also have completed any specific program prerequisites and liberal studies requirements prior to application. Visit the Florida Virtual Campus for online options for completing any necessary prerequisite coursework.

FSU offers a select number of electives online and additional electives are being added as more and more academic departments become interested in offering courses through distance learning.

Students transferring into the University with an Associate in Arts (AA) degree from a Florida public community college or university are eligible to be admitted directly into the college of their choice provided they meet minimum requirements for the major selected.

Degree Programs

Prospective students must apply to the University via the online Transfer Application. Prerequisites and application procedures listed for each specific degree program are in addition to the general University prerequisites and application requirements which all applicants must meet.

College of Applied Studies

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Criminology and Criminal Justice

College of Social Sciences and Public Policy

Certificate Programs

The University’s non-degree-seeking student application and any supplemental application required by the department must be completed by those individuals who are interested in a certificate program. Certificate prerequisites apply in addition to FSU’s non-degree-seeking guidelines .

Center for Leadership Social Change

College of Social Sciences and Public Policy

College of Communication and Information

Specialized Studies

Specialized studies are a related set of courses intended to supplement a student’s program of study to provide a greater degree of specialization in the chosen area.

College of Criminology and Criminal Justice

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