Aug 1 2017

What Can I Do with a Health Services Management Degree? #bachelors #in #health #care #management, #what #can #i #do #with #a #health #services #management #degree?


What Can I Do with a Health Services Management Degree?

Health services managers supervise, coordinate, direct or design the delivery of healthcare. Graduates of degree programs in health services management typically work in medical and surgical hospitals, but may begin as department or program managers in other healthcare facilities. Read on for more information about job opportunities for holders of a health services management degree. Schools offering Clinical Research Administration degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Health Services Management Degrees

A bachelor’s degree is the most common requirement for a health services manager, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). These degrees can go under a few different titles, such as Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management, Bachelor of Science in Health Administration or even Bachelor of Business Administration in Healthcare Management. No matter the title, these degree programs should provide students with an understanding of both management principles and the organization of healthcare facilities. Individuals who want to obtain upper-level management or hospital director positions may want to also complete a master’s degree in health services management.

Important Facts About This Occupation

$92,810 (Medical and Health Services Manager ), $35,900 (Medical Records and Health Information Technician )

Job Outlook (2012-2022)

23% (Medical and Health Services Manager ), 22% (Medical Records and Health Information Technician )

Required for nursing care facility administrator

Optional but beneficial (Medical and Health Services Manager ), Certification as RHIT or CTR may be required (Medical Records and Health Information Technician )

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Hospital Administrator or Department Head

Most graduates of these programs work in hospitals, where they may be administrators or department heads. A department head might oversee the employees and organization of a department such as nursing or physical therapy. An individual who has obtained a degree beyond the bachelor’s degree might fill a position as a hospital administrator, particularly if the degree is coupled with work experience.

Other Health Services Management Positions

A health services management degree can be useful in several different applications. Graduates can also go on to work as health information managers if they have an information technology background or assistant administrators if they are seeking an entry-level job in the field. A degree in health services management can also prepare individuals to work as nursing home administrators.

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