Aug 22 2017

What Can You Do With a Masters in Educational Leadership? #masters #in #education #leadership, #what #can #you #do #with #a #masters #in #educational #leadership?


What Can You Do With a Masters in Educational Leadership?

Career Options

A master’s degree in educational leadership can prepare graduates for teaching and executive positions at public and private schools. Public school teachers and most public school administrators must be licensed by the state, which may require continuing education to keep licensure current. Administrative positions that might be available to those with a master’s degree in educational leadership include the following:

  • Principal
  • Assistant principal
  • District administrator
  • Instructional coordinator
  • Director or supervisor
  • Dean of students or faculty
  • College provost
  • University registrar

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • Adult Education Administration
  • Community College Education
  • Educational and Curriculum Supervision
  • Educational Leadership
  • Higher Education Administration
  • K thru 8 Administration and Principalship
  • Secondary School Administration
  • Special Education Administration
  • Superintendency Education
  • Urban Education Leadership


Master’s degrees in educational leadership are most often available as Master of Science (M.S.), Master of Arts (M.A.) and Master of Education (M.Ed.) degrees with a concentration in educational leadership. Master of Science and Master of Arts programs may also offer other concentrations, such as religious school education, K-12 administration or school principal.


Educational leadership studies at the graduate level vary by concentration. Courses may include topics in professional development and leadership, school finance and law, strategic and organizational planning, adult learning, community relations and student affairs. Internships and research activities may also be part of the program’s curriculum. These exercises are designed to sharpen a student’s management, communication, organizational and problem-solving skills in a real-world environment.

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