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OpenTX downloads

OpenTX 2.2 branch

Latest OpenTX major version with added support for the FrSky Horus X12S and X10 and Taranis Q X7 radios (plus X-Lite starting with 2.2.2). Please read this page for more details about other changes. As usual with each major release new sound packs are needed, information is on the page.

Nightly builds

The nightly builds are automatic builds that are build every day. As during development, critical bugs might be introduced, these versions should not be used for flying. Additionally a backup of EEPROM should be done before flashing these firmware. The nightly builds are only intented to verify if bugfixes/new features work as expected. We provide no changelogs for these builds. To get a rough idea about the changes you can look at the git commit log.

OpenTX 2.1 branch

Previous major version, now stable and still supported for normal use, but no new features or bugfixes will be implemented. 2.1 introduced completely new telemetry handling compared to 2.0, and also requires a different sound pack (see below). The original upgrade notes from 2.0 to 2.1 can be found here.

This branch is the first to support the FrSky Taranis X9E (tray version).

OpenTX 2.0 branch

Deprecated, no more support will be given but firmware downloads are still available for the time being. 2.0 introduced the Virtual Inputs system. This branch is the first to support the FrSky Taranis X9D+ and the Turnigy 9XR-Pro.

OpenTX 1.x branch

This branch is the first to support the original FrSky Taranis X9D, and is now deprecated. Firmware downloads are not possible anymore, the below companion is only provided for reference.

Firmware downloads are exclusively available from within OpenTX Companion’s “Download” dialog. OpenTX Companion needs to be configured for the proper radio type and with the firmware options you choose, so that a customised firmware file with these options can be prepared for you by our build server and downloaded to your PC. OpenTX Companion is then used to load the firmware to your radio.
PLEASE NOTE that the firmware you run on the radio and companion you use on the PC to edit settings must be of the same branch!

Sound packs

Sound packs can be downloaded either through companion (the Download dialog will point you to the correct directory for the selected radio type), or from the links below:

About OpenTX versions

OpenTX versions are delivered as sets of major and minor releases. Major releases represent big steps with lots of feature changes and new functionality, which require changes in the way model data is stored and thus breaks compatibility with the previous one. Minor releases within a major one will fix bugs, correct functionality that needs changes, add new functionality that doesn’t require breaking compatibility, or remove features that are deemed useless.

As we are dependent on user feedback, a major release will start as “unstable” and will go through several rounds of refinement based on the gathered user experiences, which can initially cause radical changes in the way a feature operates between minor versions. Once things have settled and we have decent documentation available that major version will become “stable” i.e. its features will be frozen, and from that moment on any new minor versions would only be released to fix bugs that may be discovered.

We recommend “normal users” not to jump on a new major revision straight away as following the minor revisions of an unstable branch requires careful attention to the changelog to find out about things that may have changed and could potentially break existing setups, and documentation is usually not ready yet. They should thus stick with “stable” versions. Advanced users who want to be on the bleeding edge, want to provide feedback and/or suggest modifications, can find their way without documentation and can follow the evolution closely are welcome to do so during the unstable period, of course at their own risk.

Currently, the supported major versions of OpenTX are:

Major releases are independent, OpenTX companion 2.0.x will download firmware 2.0.x, OpenTX companion 2.1.x will download firmware 2.1.x etc. Updates between major versions are manual, you need to download the required companion yourself, no updates will be automatically offered. When upgrading from one major version to the next it is recommended to backup both your current firmware and settings, and to thoroughly check all of your models’ functions still operate correctly after the built-in upgrade procedure has completed. Downgrading models and settings is not possible, so should you want to switch back to an older major version you will need to either reload your backup or start from scratch again.

You can check the release history of OpenTX on this page.

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