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X-фактор (TV Series 2004– ) #reviews, #showtimes, #dvds, #photos, #message #boards, #user #ratings, #synopsis, #trailers, #credits


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The Celebrity Judge Show. oh and some random people from the streets

I ve given this show 2 stars for one reason. When it first started it was good. They showed loads of people in the auditions, they all got screen time, and the judges hardly featured.

But a few years ago, the producers seemed to have decided Normal people are boring and the cameras feature on the glitz-and-glamour judges, and practically ignore the contestants.

This show has become more of a mindless sham as it s went on. Origionally the contestants received lots of attention, they showed probably 50 people in auditions an episode (even if most of them only got a few seconds. Now you barely get eight people in an episode, and only listening to about 5 seconds of them, maybe a WHOLE MINUTE if they kick up a fuss. Or if they have some sappy or sad story behind them.

The Sob Story seems to be a common feature of the show nowadays, with at least one per audition episode. If not that then it s always a pretty boy who gets lots of attention because all the brain-washed girls fall in love with them and will pay money to vote for them.

The voting just seems stupid now. Back when they had 3 judges, votes MEANED something, but now they have 4, they can decide from the bottom two who stays and who goes, which is very unfair, as the public may as well not have voted in the first place. Also for the results show, it s all crap, and you only need to watch the last 5 minutes (now probably extended to ten because of all the judges getting screen time making up their minds ) During the auditions, it s predictable what the judges are going to say every time, depending on how much screen time said act gets. If it s 5 seconds, definite no, 30 they re thinking about it, but probably no, full song/performance = certain yes. But even then, they let through some crap acts, just to be money makers for when it comes to the votes (as half of the time they get a record deal somewhere or other, just by appearing on the show, example: One Dircetion) because they might have the little kid , the pretty boy , the sob story , the contestant that doesn t sing modern pop unless they have to.

This show started off half decent, and has just fallen into a crappy celebrity-obsessed shambles.

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